Sunday, August 3, 2008

Good bye!

Good Morning

In the morning people got to finally spend some time with the host families. Others chose to visit a local Chicago church. Two of the Rwandan girls even got baptized.


Later we all met at Beth and Horace's (one of the host families) house for a farewell lunch. This was our last meal together. We could not believe this was the last day and our journey together had come to an end.


After the lunch, we all went to our host families' houses to do our final packing. We met at the airport at 7PM.
The Rwandan girls took the same flight the Chicagoans took on their way to Rwanda.

We had to repack a couple of suitcases because they went over the weight limit. We used all possible means! :D

But these were not actual goodbyes. We just said "see you later" because we promised to keep in touch and meet all together again some time soon. ;)

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