Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rwanda - Day 1

We all got on a mini-bus and were greeted by our host families at the places we were staying. All of us unpacked and changed clothes and were ready to start this wonderful adventure.
We had some lunch at Bourbon Coffee, a café that many tourists and locals enjoy.

And later we were on our way to a Mosque, where every Sunday a Children’s Support Group takes place nearby.

These kids are provided with transportation for safe travel to the location. There, the kids first meet in smaller groups for discussions and an exchange of knowledge.

And then it is time for games. The kids are divided into two or three bigger groups and then they spend some time together playing different games. We all got involved. Later we took many photos. All the kids in Rwanda love to take pictures because they can see themselves in the small screen of the digital photo cameras.

After a while it was snack time. All the kids get to choose their favorite mug, depending on the color. We poured warm milk. We also helped to hand each of the kids a banana and a small muffin. Everyone was satisfied – the kids enjoyed the meal and regained some strength and all of us girls were happy to help out.

Later each of the girls was officially introduced to a crowd of kids. They were laughing, applauding and making us all very happy. We all were sad to leave.
We got on the bus and drove to meet Henrietta’s sister who is a seamstress. We went to meet her at her studio. Each of the girls got to choose a fabric out of five different options, as well as the fit and the style of the dress or a skirt and a shirt. We all got measured. The dresses were told to be ready in two days. Every one was super excited to see the final result.

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