Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chicago - Day 4


In the morning we all met at a thrift store called DISCOUNT VILLAGE. The Rwandan girls were given some spending money, and they bought shoes, tops, bottoms and purses as gifts and for themselves. The group leaders bought a few suitcases for them to bring their haul back home.

CORE Center

Then it was time to go to The CORE Center. First we ate some lunch. And then we showed the Rwandan girls the mural that we already had started here in Chicago. Doing the second mural came much easier. Not just because we already finished one in Rwanda, but the mural at The CORE Center is a bit smaller and we also had all the tools that we needed. And even if we had a little crisis, we could go to the store and get what we needed.
Many media outlets came and interviewed us, as well.


That evening we were scheduled to go to Summer Dance in Millennium Park. But it would not have been a real Chicago experience if we would not have had any weather delays during this trip. It was raining pretty hard. While waiting for the rain to stop and figure out what to do next - we all sat down together to chat and get the air out of a few soccer balls for the girls to bring back to Kigali.

Later we decided to skip the Summer Dance and we went to Dr. Mardge's house to have some dinner and relaxing time together. When the rain stopped we went to the lake. The Rwandan girls were pleasantly surprised to see how beautiful Lake Michigan is. Quite a few of us took a nice and refreshing dip in the water.

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