Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tag Rwandan's Turn

Maraho {Hello},

Today after an thirty hour flight everyone in the We ACtx exchange program have made it to their destinations. Everyone is living with host families around the city. As soon as the Rwandan Girls and Chicago Girls went through customs many of the girls were interviewed by a representative of ABC news chanel 7. This would not be the first time this We ACTx exchange program in the spotlight. The first time the girls were on camera it was only the chicago girls waiting for the departure at O'Hare on July 18. The second time was in Kigali,Rwanda there the all members of the We Act x exchange program were giving an offering in respect to the genoside memorial. So look forward to seeing the We Act girls in your local media.

During the second week of the Chicago-Kigali We Act Exchange program the Rwandan will be able to live as though they are Chicagoans. For the next week Rwandans will have a basic tour of the chicago land and recieve the benefits of extraordinary people.

WE Act Exchange

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